Preparing for a career in the unionized building and construction trades

For many people with little exposure to construction, Pre-Apprenticeship programs are where you'll learn about the different trades and the rigors of the industry and are the best place to kickstart your career. For those who know which trade they're ready for, you can apply directly to Apprenticeship.

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Across California, state-of-the-art programs in each construction craft enable you to learn the skills of your chosen craft—in school and on-the-job. Depending on the craft, it takes 3-5 years to complete an apprenticeship—but unlike college, you work full-time while you go to school. When you're done, you earn full journeyman wages and have no student loans to repay.


If you like the idea of working outside, working with your hands, and working as part of a team, then a career in construction might be for you. Pre-Apprenticeship enables you to learn about all of the different crafts to see which ones you might want to pursue. Get introduced to the tools of the trades, beef up your math skills, learn about how to work safely, and much more. These 6-12 week programs are geared to preparing you for the rigors of the industry, but they do NOT guarantee entrance into an apprenticeship program.