Listed below are the steps an applicant should take when applying to an apprenticeship program:

1. Select a trade for which you have an aptitude or some previous experience and physical ability to perform.

2. Find out if you meet the minimum qualifications for that trade.

3. Decide whether you can work under the required job conditions which can sometimes be hazardous, dirty, uncomfortable, or otherwise unpleasant.

4. Apply to an apprenticeship program that suits you best (you may apply to more than one).

5. Take aptitude or other tests where required; be prepared with documentation such as official High School transcripts that may be requested when you apply.

6. If the apprenticeship committee has a waiting list of applicants, determine whether or not you are sufficiently interested in the occupation to wait for an opening, or whether you should seek another program. If you apply, keep in touch with the program to let them know of your continued interest.

7. Some apprenticeship committees have applicants find their own employment with a firm which participates in the apprenticeship program.