As an Iron Worker apprentice you will learn a skilled trade through planned, supervised work on-the-job, while at the same time receiving related technical classroom instruction. You earn while you learn.

Program length: 3 years (varies by program)

Starting pay: approximately $16.74 to $19.50 per hour plus benefits

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Apprenticeship classes are generally conducted after normal working hours to allow apprentices to gain on-the-job experience and bring home a respectable wage while they are in training.  Some areas, however, provide classes during working hours. In some instances, the apprentice may have to attend classes on Saturday.

As an apprentice gains more skill throughout training, the pay for the work performed becomes higher.  Starting pay is approximately 60 percent of a Journeyman’s wage (the starting wage depends on the Local collective bargaining agreement) and as you accumulate an established number of on-the-job hours, wages are increased at regular intervals, usually every six months.  At the end of the term of apprenticeship, you graduate to Journeyman status and will receive full pay for the skills you have attained.

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