When you see “foster care” you may think you’re at the wrong website.  What possible connection do the building trades have with foster care?  The answer is: opportunity to make a difference.

Transitioning from youth to adult, from school to career is challenging for most of us but for foster youth the statistics are especially startling.  An April 2003 press release from the Office of the Governor of California revealed the following:

Within 2-4 years of emancipation from the system

51% of foster youth were unemployed
25% had been homeless for at least one night
40% had been on public assistance or incarcerated

For many of these young adults a chance to become an apprentice, learn a skilled craft, become self-sufficient and form lifelong connections as part of a family of tradespeople will be life-changing.

In 2004, BC3 received a grant to help educate foster youth about career opportunities in the construction industry and link them to job training, pre-apprenticeship and state-approved apprenticeship programs.  BC3 also provided training and materials for staff who manage services for foster care youth.

Over the course of the grant, BC3 worked to assure that the excellent careers in the building & construction trades are not overlooked by the foster care system.  By the end, approximately 15 foster children in Oakland were successfully assisted by the program.