• PETCO Park will be spectacular in every way, combining the best sight lines in baseball with breathtaking views of San Diego. Architecturally magnificent, it will celebrate the sea, the sky, the natural beauty, cultural diversity and unique spirit of our region. Innovative design features will evoke the timeless traditions of baseball in an intimate setting, with state-of-the-art fan amenities to suit every taste and budget.


  • South Embarcadero/East Village

Project Cost :

  • Total: $449.4 million
  • Ballpark: $294.1
  • millionLand/Infrastructure: $151.3 million

Financing :

  • City of San Diego: $205.9 million (transient occupancy tax)Padres/Private: $146.1 millionCCDC: $76.4 million (redevelopment funds)Port of San Diego: $21 million

Stadium Seating :

  • Total: 46,000Field 
  • Level: 15,500Club
  • Level: 6,000Upper
  • Level: 13,000Right
  • Field: 5,000Left
  • Field: 2,500Other: 4,000

Steel :

  • A total of 10,000 tons or 20 million pounds of structural steel will be used to build the ballpark, which equates to the weight of about 5,500 full-size automobiles.More than 300,000 steel bolts will be used to connect all of the pieces of structural steel.Over 5,000 tons or 10 million pounds of reinforcing steel (rebar) will be installed in the Ballpark. Since March workers have installed an average of 19,000 pounds of reinforcing steel per working day.The highest points of structural steel on the Ballpark are the tops of the First and Third Base Garden Buildings located 190 feet above the playing field.

Concrete :

  • A total of 60,000 cubic yards of concrete will be poured on the Ballpark which is enough concrete to fill 20 Olympic-size pools.If all of the concrete on the Ballpark were turned into an average-size sidewalk (3 feet wide and 6 inches deep) it would be over 1 million feet long and would stretch close to 210 miles-enough sidewalk to reach Long Beach and back.

Electrical/Lighting :

  • Close to 284 miles of Conduit will be installed throughout the Ballpark and will store more than 1,325 miles of electrical wiring. There is enough electrical wiring to connect San Diego to Austin, Texas.Over 1 million watts of electricity will be used to light up the Ballpark during night games. It would require more than 58 million candles to produce that much light.The emergency generators for the Ballpark will provide 1.4 million watts of energy. The energy created by the generators could power 75 houses.

Workers/Subcontractors :

  • There are currently 20 subcontractors working on all areas of the Ballpark.There is a number of skilled trade workers on the on-site.