Stop for a minute and look around your house, school or office.  From foundation to roof, the building you are in was created by workers whose skilled craftsmanship enables you to have water, electricity, heating and cooling, comfort and security. 

Next time you watch a baseball, football or basketball game check out the stadium.  And while you travel our highways and bridges, think of the people who make it all possible: Electricians, Ironworkers, Cement Masons, Roofers, and Plumbers just to name a few (Click here to learn more about each craft). 

Construction careers offer opportunity, great wages and benefits, team work and a dynamic work environment.  From apprenticeship to Journeyman, you will learn a life-long skill that you can take anywhere in the world

Even if working with tools is not for you, other careers in construction exist such as architect, planner, inspector, project manager, labor representative and more.  (Click here to see Career Pathways).